Certus Erasure Software

Certus Erasure Software is certified by National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) , ADISA and Common Criteria EAL3+ and has been developed to securely erase data from all Storage Devices (PC’s, Server. Storage Systems. Laptops etc )

There are 4 different Erasure Solutions available :

  • Cloud Solution ( protected by the security encryption protocol – TLS v1.3 )
  • Off Line Solution
  • Deployment / PXE Solution
  • Erasure machines

Certus can be completely managed from the Certus Erasure Web Manager that enables to have full transparancy on

  • Erasure Setting including all Erasure patterns and verification options
  • User, Order and Licensing  Management
  • Reporting and Auditing

Certus Software is compliant with the NIST800-88rev1 Guidelines

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NCSC Certification OMM14330539356-1590

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Certus Software

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