shellSAFE is a PKI applications suite tailored to fulfill the highest security requirements for
workstation protection. Its components protect user data from the very moment he is saving a
document until the information reaches his business partners at the other end of the Internet.

The main features offered by shellSAFE Suite are:

  • digital signing of documents for data integrity and authenticity
  • different types of signatures: cosignature and countersignature
  • multiple signatures on the same document
  • document encryption/decryption for data confidentiality
  • encryption for multiple recipients
  • e-mail integration for secure correspondence
  • integration into the Microsoft Office Suite and Windows Explorer
  • secure storing for sensitive documents
  • communication with LDAP, OCSP and time stamp servers
  • secure file deletion from magnetic supports
  • storage of digital certificates on PKCS#11 cryptographic devices or PKCS#12 vaults

shellSAFE Suite components:

  • clickSIGN – digital signature and file encryption application
  • sendSAFE – digital signature and e-mail encryption application
  • diskSAFE– virtual disk encryption
  • shredSAFE – file secure deletion from magnetic media
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