certSAFE is a mature Certification Authority software providing the elements necessary to create a
full public key infrastructure, together with the related security services:

• certSAFE CA - digital certificates management

• certSAFE RA/LRA – Registration autority for user enrolment and digital certificate requests

• certSAFE TS – implementation of the own time stamp service

• certSAFE OCSP – implementation of on-line certificate status verification and validation

• certSAFE KRM – Key Recovery mechanisms for the encrypting certificate private keys

certSAFE offers:

• Digital certificates lifecycle management

• Flexible policy for digital certificate management

• Modular architecture suited for any organization

• Ideal solution for deployment in extremely secured environments

• Cross-certification functions to create trust relationships with other PKIs

• Key recovery module

• Time stamp server

• On-line Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) responder

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