The TCE 621/B-Dual is a Dual Mode high speed IP encryption device approved for NATO SECRET. It is available both with electrical and optical Ethernet interfaces. This high grade, CCI crypto device utilizes two NATO approved algorithms. One is the NATO secret algorithm Einride and the other is the AES algorithm. In one mode it is identical to the TCE 621/B and in the other mode it is identical to the TCE 621/B-AES. The algorithm to be used is selected during initial configuration of the device. The TCE 621/B Dual can be remotely managed from a TCE 671 (SMC) or locally from the front panel. TCE 621/B-Dual is software reprogrammable.


• Secures single end systems and LANs in static and mobile IP networks
• Enforces Community of Interest (COI) separation
• Well suited to secure VTC and VOIP
• Ad Hoc Information Exchange Gateways

Main features:

• Approved for NATO SECRET
• Full duplex 100 Mbit/s throughput
• Secure Multicasting
• Hot Standby
• Access Control Enforcement
• Transparent to network services
• NAT and SNMP support
• IPSec ESPv1 security protocol


• In Einride mode: TCE 621, TCE 621/C, TCE 621/B, TCE 621 /C Dual and TCE 621/M
• In AES mode: TCE 621/C-AES, TCE 621/B-AES, TCE 621 /C Dual and TCE 621/M-AES
• 100 Mbit/s Ethernet interface
• Supports both IPv4 and IPv6
• Remotely managed from TCE 671 or TCE 671-AES (SMC)
• Compatible with KOI-18 and DTD compliant devices

Additional Notes

CAVEAT: When run in AES mode the highest classification this device can operate at is NATO SECRET

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