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Stormshield FW Software Suite v.2.2.6

STORMSHIELD appliances are multi-function VPN & Firewall solutions that combine a number of security modules such as IPsec & SSL VPN, IPS, antivirus, antispam, user/application/service filtering and URL filtering. The STORMSHIELD range meets the protection needs of all types of organizations, from SMEs to large corporations:

- SN200 and SN300 offer to SMEs the same level of security supplied to large corporate entities, while keeping in mind their budget restrictions. Automatic updates of IPS, antivirus, antispam and URL filtering databases are a further guarantee of quality for administrators of SME networks, who typically have limited amounts of time to manage their information systems.

 - SN500, SN510, SN700, SN710, SN900 and SN910 are perfectly suitable for medium sized enterprises or for large subsidiaries in multi-site companies. The performance, connectivity and level of security provided by these models ensures efficiency and serenity.

 - SN2000, SN3000 and SN6000 are designed to protect high-traffic e-commerce servers, large networks  or university networks. They can be used as an IPS probe. They are suitable for environment where high-speed Internet access is required and for the protection of critical datacenters.

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