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Stormshield Data Security version 9.1.2

Stormshield Data Security is a set of security modules for Windows workstation whose goal is to preserve the confidentiality of data shared, stored or exchanged via email.

More precisely, Stormshield Data Security offers: Transparent and real-time file encryption, Mail signature and encryption, On demand file encryption (in order to email or backup a confidential file), Secure file deletion (wiping), File signature, Virtual disk encryption.

Additional Notes

Stormshield Data Security implements and is compliant with the following standards:

- X.509 for public key certificates and revocation lists (CRL),

- LDAP for certificate directories,

- S/Mime for secure emails,

- CMS for electronically signed files,

Stormshield Data Security can also support a PKCS#11 interface in order to save and use private keys in a hardware cryptographic device (smartcard or USB token).


Stormshield Data Security works only on Windows Seven/8.1 desktops and laptops.

Stormshield Data Security depends on: X.509 public key infrastructure for public key and revocation deployment, LDAP directories for certificate diffusion.

The mail encryption feature works only with Microsoft Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes email clients.

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