SDoT Security Gateway

SDoT Security Gateway Version 6.1 Patch 1

The bidirectional security gateways are used on vessels out at sea, in containers in the desert or land-based sites and IT/OT data centers.

The SDoT Security Gateway guarantees that data exchanged between network domains of various classification levels is monitored and filtered to your needs as a component of a cross domain solution. Data that is not intended to leave its domain will be blocked so you can concentrate on your mission.

The SDoT Security Gateway uses a specially modified microkernel operating system L4, cryptography, an optional firewall and separation of the network so that all key functions cannot be accessed by sophisticated attackers. It is certified to NATO Strength-of-Mechanism-Enhanced.

Data transmission from LOW to HIGH or HIGH to LOW. Rule or label based filtering. Data labels according to STANAG 4774 and 4778 supported. It can generally handle any data format (eg. XML, ADEXP, NMEA, DIS, ADatP3, ASTERIX, LINK16, HLA, Jchat/XMPP).

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