SDoT Security Gateway Express

SDoT Security Gateway Express Version 1.0

The bi-directional SDoT Security Gateway is a low latency / hish-speed structured data filtering and data exchange accross domain solution (CDS). Data that is not intended to leave its domain will be blocked.
The SDoT Security Gateway Express has the same government evaluated hardware and software security architecture as the SDoT Security Gateway. Unlike the SDoT Security Gateway it does not support filtering based on STANAg 4774/8 compliant data lables for unstructured data objects. Instead it is optimised to filter and exchange structured data (e.g. XML, LINK16, ASTERIX, JCHAT, binary) faster.

Data transmission from LOW to HIGH or HIGH to LOW via TCP, UDP, SMTP/S, HTTP/S, with up to 6 Gbit/s and a latency of 1 millisecond. Additional protocols can be integrated via proxy servers on both ends of the CD. The hardware security appliance needs 1U rack space.

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