SDoT Diode (9.1+ Gbps)

SDoT data diodes / unidirectional gateways are used on vessels out at sea, in containers in the desert or land-based sites. SDoT data diodes ensure one-way data transmission protecting your critical networks or data sources from advanced Cyber threats.

Most data diodes still use modified fiber optic cables which are also the only components meeting EAL 7. Unlike those fiber optic data diodes, the SDoT data diode / unidirectional gateway uses data transmission receipt and flow control for data transmission speed and stability thanks to its security architecture: a specially modified secure microkernel operating system L4, cryptography and separation. These security features are combined with an easy to use management console.

The SDoT data diode supports HTTP, SMTP, TCP, UDP. It realizes a high-speed throughput of 9.1 Gbit/s does not need a proxy server. It also extends use-case scenarios through optional return of up to 32 rx codes. The SDoT Diode is not a cryptographic component.

The unidirectional gateway product is to be used for sharing any data (including real time video feeds) with highly classified domains (cross domain solution), data replication, sensor and system state monitoring, backup, logging and patch management.

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