Primelink 3015

The PrimeLink 3015 was developed by Technolution in close collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Defence. A robust security architecture, ease of use, and high connection speed were the main focus points, while pricing and low operational costs also formed a priority.

The PrimeLink 3015 is specifically designed to create secure network connections between one or more locations. The basic implementation is a point-to-point connection. Because a PrimeLink 3015 can be connected to many other PrimeLinks 3015, it can support almost all network infrastructures, including mesh or multi-client networks. Each device has a unique Crypto Ignition Key that contains the device configuration and crypto parameters for the connections. Removing the key is an effective means to declassify the device.

A Domain Administration Station (DAS) is used to manage the infrastructure and to create or reconfigure the keys. In the near future a firmware update will be available that supports online management.

Main features:
* Dutch product designed in collaboration with the Ministry of Defence
* Evaluated and approved by the NLNCSA
* Robust security (OpenVPN-NL) integrated in hardware
* Intrinsically safer compared to software solutions
* Future-proof Gb speed thanks to FPGA technology - optional updates can increase the link speed to 10 Gb/s
* Accessible due to limited operational security requirements, easy installation and undemanding crypto management
* Low purchase cost and operational costs

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