KG-40A MOD Kits and complete KG-40A(s) were fielded in fourth quarter FY91. The KG-40A is presently in use, but no longer procurable. The KG-40A program is administered via a User Partnership Program agreement with Navy. An effort is underway to develop a form, fit, and functional replacement for the existing KG-40A. The KG-40A is a half-duplex digital key generator which is used to provide cryptographic security for Link 11 communications. It interfaces between a computer and a data terminal, and operates in accordance with control signals from those two units. The KG-40A can be wired two different ways for use in Naval Tactical Data Systems (NTDS) and Airborne Tactical Data System (ATDS) systems. The NTDS configuration provides a parallel data interface, which is compatible with NTDS and the Marine Tactical Data System (MTDS).

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The KG-40A consists of three units: KG-40A (Serial or Parallel), a KGX-40A Remote Control Unit, and a mounting base. The KG-40A has been designed and fabricated to provide a TEMPEST secure equipment. The KG-40 is fully compatible with the KG-40A but has had a security upgrade and an electronic fill port added. To accommodate the serial or parallel data interface requirements, different KG-40A mounts are required. The MT-4416/A is required for use with the Serial Configuration and the MT-4417/S is required for use with the Parallel Configuration.

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