Fox DataDiode EAL 7+ 1Gbps
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This product has been NATO evaluated against the Target Of Evaluation (TOR) as identified in the CC Security Evaluation. The NATO evaluation does not endorse parts of the solution outside of the TOR. Note: In accordance with the Common Criteria TOR this device is badged by Fox, SINA and Nexor. These three companies are authorized to market the Fox Data Diode under their company name.

When protecting an isolated network against outsider attacks, there are a number of objectives and technologies that are commonly used. Objectives typically boil down to C.I.A.: confidentiality, integrity and availability. The best possible technology for confidentiality is the unidirectional network connection by means of a data diode. The Fox-IT DataDiode is a high security technology solution. The Fox DataDiode is a guaranteed unidirectional network connection to protect confidential and classified information.

Additional Notes

The Fox DataDiode is proven to separate networks at the most fundamental levels, providing true peace of mind to those who rely on proper network segregation. The Fox DataDiode is easily deployed into existing or new infrastructure alike, thanks to the additional proxy components running the latest management software. Thus, allowing only authorized information flows from the source network to the destination network (traditionally referred to as “Black” and “Red”) and effectively block any other communication attempts.

Both accidental as well as intentional network breaches are completely ruled out when using the Fox DataDiode as intended. More information is available and contact us at:

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