The ECOS SECURE BOOT STICK [SX] allows a highly secure access to a terminal server infrastructure, a virtual desktop infrastructure or web applications from within a secure and encapsulated environment through the BSI-certified genua genuscreen gateway. With this stick, any PC or Mac boots the specially-hardened ECOS Secure Linux operating system. The internal hard drive stays disconnected, so potential malware on the computer can't even be activated. This ensures a 100% separation of corporate from private use of the PC. The stick contains all firmware and applications required. The private PC is thus only a private peripheral.

Additional Notes

The ECOS SYSTEM MANAGEMENT APPLIANCE allows to centrally administrate and update all accesses. It is thus possible to define very granularly which destination systems users or user groups have access to, who is authorized to store data from a session in the data safe or another shared device, and who is authorized to print documents at home. The System Management Appliance can be coupled with the Active Directory or other directory services and thus synchronize users and rights. The ECOS SYSTEM MANAGEMENT APPLIANCE contains its own CA to issue certificates or roll out and administrate smartcards, but it can also be coupled with an existing PKI. Sticks can be issued, renewed or revoked through the token Lifecycle Management and Easy Enrollment, both part of the management appliance. If a stick gets lost, its access can be blocked centrally and its lifetime license can be transferred to a replacement stick. Additionally, the system management appliance offers a detailed reporting feature with a broad range of pre-defined reports and a report editor that allows to issue and store various evaluations. The ECOS SYSTEM MANAGEMENT APPLIANCE is a virtual appliance, operable under VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, Oracle Virtualbox or Linux KVM.

Special cryptographic requirements:

A genuscreen from the manufacturer genua is required as a VPN gateway.


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