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DXZC-AM Secure Dual Display PCoIP Zero Client
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The DXZ4-AM PCoIP zero client is a quad display client for Government agencies and public service organizations. Replace complex desktops, laptops and thin clients with a high-security and easy to manage DXZC zero client.  The DXZC solution allows users to connect securely to remote physical and virtual workstations, virtual desktops and cloud desktops from across an office, while travelling or from continent-to-continent.  The DXZ4-AM delivers an exceptional user experience for any remote desktop from basic office to demanding 3D graphics and video.  The zero client architecture is highly secure with no X-86 processor, no local application Operating System (OS) no client GPU and no local storage which eliminates  common exploits.  Only display pixels are sent to the client so no sensitive data ever reaches the client. There are extensive security features build into the DXZ4-AM from strong encryption, unique USB hardware lockdown, external smartcard reader support to design for controlling EMI emissions.  In addition, the DXZ4-AM delivers unique redundancy features such as a locking power cord and redundant network interfaces for fibre or copper network connections. 

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