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Cryptoguard 600 / 6000 / 6500 / 6800 / 6900

The CryptoGuard VPN (CG VPN) system is used to set up a connection to another CG VPN such that all data is transferred over this connection is encrypted. The Security Management Station (SMS) is used to manage a CG VPN device. The SMS is equipped with a reliable random source (SMS Random Generator card) that ensures the generation of good quality keys.

Approved versions of CryptoGuard VPN:

  • 62.22.13 , small housing CG VPN 600
  • 64.22.13, 19" 1U CG VPN 6000 and CG VPN 6500
  • 66.22.13, 19" 2U Gigabit CG VPN 6800
  • 66.24.13, accelerator 19" 2U Gigabit CG VPN 6900
  • 66.52.13, 19" 20 Gigabit CG VPN 6800 (new hardware platform)

Approved version of Security Management Station (SMS for Cryptoguard VPN: 6.30.00

CryptoGuard VPN is a product family with its own specific features. 600/6000 are suited for mobile, industrial and small office environments with a maximum throughput of 95 Mbps. 6500, 6800 and 6900 are suited for office environments from 180 Mbps till 1 Gbps and CompuCrypt XL for high speed.

CryptoGuard VPN systems are centrally managed by the Security Management Station (SMS). In the SMS the key management is arranged, filter rules can be added and security systems will automatically be configured. The communication between the SMS and CryptoGuard VPN is secured with modern key algorithms.

CryptoGuard VPN works as an independent ‘stand-alone’ system. If the SMS is offline, CryptoGuard VPN still encrypts and decrypts the data and works according to the rules set by SMS.

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