Cryhod is a security product for workstations running with Windows, and which provides both pre-boot authentication and the complete and transparent encryption of the data on the internal or additional hard disks. Its role is to preserve the confidentiality of documents handled by the users, on standalone computers, laptops, or workstations connected to an organization's network.

Encryption of entire disks and/or partitions (including system partition)

Cryhod completely encrypts the disks and partitions of workstations. The encryption is carried out at the disk sector level, and the startup system disk can also be encrypted.

Encryption on-the-fly, transparent for users

The software has no impact on user working habits. Once authenticated, users access their data in their usual way, with encryption/decryption being carried out on-the-fly in totally transparent fashion. The initial encryption operations are designed to resist unforeseen events, in particular power cuts.

Pre-boot authentication

User authentication is carried out in system pre-boot phase. Cryhod supports the key devices already used in the company: passwords, key files (.p12, .pfx), smart cards or USB tokens (main industry standards). Cryhod is compatible with most public key management infrastructures (PKIs) on the market (although their use is not mandatory).

SSO with Windows session opening

Cryhod proposes a single sign-on service to prevent the need for users to re-authenticate themselves in order to open their Windows session after doing so upon booting up their workstations.

Secure hibernation

Cryhod manages secure hibernation. As well as encrypting the hibernation file, when the workstation is "awakened", Cryhod will ask the user to authenticate themselves once more.

Single user or multiple access workstation

Several users may be authorized to access data; for example, the normal workstation user, plus an assistant or a maintenance operator. All users must authenticate themselves before being able to access the data.

Integrated user recovery and troubleshooting

Cryhod enables a Security Officer to recover encrypted partitions.


Cryhod uses the standard Windows installation and administration systems and domain controllers (GPO policies, Events).

Compatibility and cooperation with ZoneCentral for managing "the right to know"

Cryhod is compatible and cooperative with ZoneCentral for encryption with partitioning/right-to-know between the different users and/or encryption of the data shared on the network.

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