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Cellcrypt Mobile Baseline™  has been CAPS approved to protect information up to and including the classification level NATO RESTRICTED when configured in accordance with CESG Security Procedures. CESG approval is only valid when the product is used with BlackBerry Smartphones in a deployment of BlackBerry Enteprise Solution (CESG approved BlackBerry devices on RIM OS5 and OS7)

Cellcrypt Mobile Baseline provides end-to-end voice call encryption on commercially available off-the-shelf BlackBerry® smartphones. It is an easy-to-use software solution that makes secure calling as easy as making a normal mobile phone call and uses the IP data channel of mobile (2G, 3G, and 4G) networks. CAPS (CESG Assisted Products Service) is a UK Cryptographic Evaluation Service run by CESG, the UK Government's National Technical Authority for Information Assurance.

Protecting Information

Cellcrypt Mobile Baseline comprises a handset application and a back-end infrastructure. The BlackBerry smartphones have to be part of an IL3 deployment of the BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution, also approved by CESG and configured as per the CESG Security Procedures.

The system uses a decentralised public key management architecture that does not require CESG key material. Ephemeral keys are generated and held only within the Cellcrypt Mobile endpoints. Operation of the solution relies on management and switching components that must be hosted in a secure environment suitable for NATO RESTRICTED data.

Easy to Use, Deploy and Manage

As a software-only solution, Cellcrypt Mobile Baseline is easy to use, manage and deploy: a secure voice capability can be provided to users over-the-air anywhere in the world in minutes under the full control of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server administrator. Newly provisioned users can securely communicate directly with each other as soon as they have installed the application. Users can easily change handsets and/or SIM cards. Access to the service can be revoked remotely in seconds.


Cellcrypt's solution is an industry leader in delivering a software-only solution to establish a high-performance encrypted voice call between trusted smartphones, using an intuitive interface.

It is designed to provide encrypted voice calls in challenging cellular environments where network factors are significant. The service maintains high performance voice call attributes such as fast call set up, high voice quality and low latency. It does this by using Encrypted Mobile Content Protocol™ (EMCP) over the IP (Internet Protocol) data channel.

Encrypted Mobile Content Protocol

EMCP covers three areas:

  • High-speed mechanisms to establish encrypted data streams in real-time using standard encryption algorithms
  • Establishment of a secure end-to-end channel between mobile handsets, and authentication and routing of encrypted data streams between them without the requirement for a key server
  • Mechanisms that ensure high performance data stream delivery over low bandwidths

Secure Private Voice Network

Government organizations operate their own secure private voice network, and manage and control a private set of devices, users and secure numbers within their own network infrastructure by deploying a Cellcrypt Private Switch.

The Cellcrypt Private Switch - consisting of a Management Console and Signalling Server - validates software licenses, sets up and routes calls. Importantly it does not participate in the end-to-end security.

Note: The product has undergone a CESG evaluation to protect information up to and including the security level NATO RESTRICTED when configured in accordance with CESG Security procedures. Click here for more information

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