Product description: Cryptosmart is a set of products providing comprehensive security for devices in mobility. Cryptosmart is based on a smart card embedding a applet developed by ERCOM: the Cryptosmart card. Cryptosmart products are: 

  • Cryptosmart-Mobile for Android that is installed on end-user devices. A Cryptosmart card is plugged in each end-user device.
  • Cryptosmart-Gateway that interconnects Cryptosmart devices between them (for secure voice calls) and connect the corporate servers and IPBX. Several Cryptosmart cards are plugged in the Cryptosmart gateway.
  • Cryptosmart-CardManager that manages Cryptosmart cards.

Product features of benefits: Cryptosmart is intended to secure mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) both for local storage and communications (voice, data and text messages). Moreover, it integrates perimeter security: firewall, port control, anti-rooting, anti-trapping. Cryptosmart runs on standard devices (typically Samsung Galaxy and Tab).

Intended deployment: Cryptosmart targets end-users requiring a general purpose device (phone, mail, calendar, Internet...) for unclassified and restricted uses.

Interoperability details: Cryptosmart interacts with standard servers (mail, proxy, business servers...) and the Cryptosmart gateway can be connected to a corporate IPBX (SIP and RTP protocols) in order to establish calls with fixed phones (the call is secured between the Cryptosmart device and the Cryptosmart gateway) Cryptosmart devices can interact with normal devices using unsecured applications (phone, text messages).

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