Biokoda d.o.o. is a Slovenia based privately owned company, providing expert solutions for secure large-scale communication systems, application gateways, embedded systems and client applications.
Biocoded is a communication platform built from the ground up for security. All data that it stores is encrypted and all communication is encrypted without the possibility of a man-in-the-middle attack.

Biocoded key features are: conference calls, messaging, file exchange, video streaming and real time location sharing with integrated maps. 

Biocoded secures on device data with a distributed encryption key and runtime application self-protection. Devices can be remote wiped even when offline. 

Biocoded server provides system analytics features for all anomalies and detected intrusion events.

Biocoded enables complete communication privacy and is not reliant on any external clouds.

A key feature for government emergency, security or defense services use is real time location sharing completely within the application. Maps are stored entirely within Biocoded server and are not reliant on any external services.

Biocoded has an integrated camera, which allows taking recordings or pictures within the application. Media created with Biocoded camera will never leave an end-to-end encrypted environment.

Client applications run on iOS, Android and Windows 10. Biocoded also offers a portable core that can run on any Linux (ARM, x84/x86_64) or FreeBSD system with a custom user interface.

Biocoded for Android supports device lock down features of Samsung Knox: Firewall, Bluetooth disable, app whitelisting, USB data disable and more. Deploying Biocoded applications with a secure Samsung Knox profile significantly hardens devices against external threats.

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