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Armour Mobile

Armour Communications Limited is a UK based Company, supplying market leading technology for secure communication solutions for voice, video, messaging and data on everyday COTS (commercial off the shelf) smartphones and tablets. Armour Mobile is also capable of secure conferencing (audio or video) between multiple callers.

Armour Communications supplies National and Local Government, Utilities, Defence, Finance and a wide range of Enterprise markets with standards-based solutions which meet common criteria guidelines, helping organisations safe guard and manage their security and privacy policies. This ensures that brand integrity is enhanced by the certainty that private information is kept safe.

Armour Mobile is an intuitive, feature rich app, downloadable from the app stores and compatible with Android and iPhone products. Apart from offering secure audio and video calling, users can also attach photos and other files to a secure message, and get received/read notifications once the message arrives at the recipient’s device. It operates over data-enabled networks including EDGE (2.5G), HSPA, CDMA/EV-DO (3G), LTE (4G), Wi-Fi and satellite.

Armour Mobile works with all popular Android and iOS devices, but following an 18 months research and development programme with Samsung there is also a special Android version called Armour Samsung Mobile that integrates deeply with Samsung Knox and TrustZone, providing even more handset resistance to malware and root kit infections. This version inter-operates with the regular Android and iOS versions of Armour Mobile.

The fastest and simplest way for customers to deploy Armour Mobile is via the Secure Cloud option, which just involves downloading the app and activating it. This means users can be activated ‘over the air’ and up and running in minutes.

But for those that want the maximum security and privacy, an On-Premises option is available, where everything is hosted, and managed via the Armour Core UMS (User Management System), by the customer. Finally, by using the optional Enterprise Gateway, customers can even integrate with their existing PBX and connect calls to standard office IP desk phones.

Armour Samsung Client is an encryption product for protecting voice, video, messaging and other data to and from mobile devices when used in accordance with the Security Procedures. It uses CESG's MIKEY-SAKKE key management in line with the CPA Security Characteristic it was evaluated against.

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