1830 Photonic Service Switch

The Nokia 1830Photonic Service Switch (PSS) is a scalable, next generation DWDM platform that supports data center aggregation for Ethernet, Fiber Channel, InfiniBand, and other protocols and integrating the Nokia Quad 10G Encryption Transponder (11QPEN4). This onee is a full-height, single slot standalone card providing transport level ncryption for interconnecting data centers via optical fibre. The card supports OTU-2 line encryption with AES-256 that can be used to provide encryption of one or more pluggable client ports including 10GE, OTU-2, 8G and 10G Fiber Channel, and 5G InfiniBand client signals.

The cryptographic modules are intended to be deployed at both ends of a transmit/receive pair of external optical fibers to provide encryption of 10G, FC, IB and OTU2 client traffic between data centers.

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