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The TopSecGSM is the first tap-proof mobile telephone on the market. The basis of the TopSec GSM is the renowed Siemens dualband mobile phone S35i. The core, however, is the crypto module which has been completely integrated into the S35i. Encrypted speech is transmitted on the transparent GSM data channel. To attain highest security, two algorithms are combined; an asymmetrical algorithm with a 1024-bit key for key agreement and a symmetrical algorithm with a 128-bit key for voice encryption. One touch of a key is all it takes to establish an encrypted connection. The caller merely has to dial the number of the desired subscriber and briefly press the crypto softkey below the display to switch to the crypto mode. Everything else is done automatically. A data call is initiated and within 15 seconds the key exchange will be performed. By pressing the End key, encrypted calls can be terminated in the same way as normal calls. As soon as the call ends the keys generated in the beginning are deleted. Besides the long key this is one of the essential security features of the TopSec GSM. Apart from encryption TopSec GSM optionally offers a further security function: the authentication. With a special software several TopSec GSM can be combined to closed user groups. An encrypted connection is only possible, if both partner devices belong to the same chosen user group. _________________________________ The TopSec GSM VIP offers speech encryption over the GSM network Max. transfer rate: 9.6 kb/s Encryption Algorithm: AES Key exchange between sending/receiving device by public key method (modified Diffie-Hellmann Method)

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