Tabernus Enterprise Erase 7.0

Tabernus Enterprise Erase V7.0 sanitises all data on a hard disk up to and including NATO CONFIDENTIAL, NATO RESTRICTED, NATO SECRET and TOP COSMIC TOP SECRET protective markings.  The higher level overwrite procedure is approved to take NATO CONFIDENTIAL and below down to UNCLASSIFIED and SECRET and above down to RESTRICTED.

The software is optimized for desktops laptops server environments with RAID systems and enterprise storage systems. The software is designed to overwrite data from any size of PATA SATA SCSI SAS Fibre Channel and USB/Firewire disks. Independent testing on a selected range of media and platforms provides a degree of assurance that the product should operate as claimed. In addition the software erases all hidden/locked areas on a hard disk such as DCO HPA and remapped sectors.

The clear and easy-to-navigate interface is intuitive to use and operate. Enhanced hard disk support guarantees high-speed simultaneous erasure of up to 12 HDD per computer. The software can be delivered to the target computer via various methods like network, CD, USB and preinstall. Once the hard disk(s) are overwritten the software automatically generates a detailed erasure report with hardware configuration and asset information that exceeds governmental regulatory requirements.

A complete verification check is performed to confirm that the data has been securely erased from the hard drive. 

Features Benefits
Various Deployment Methods Ease of use in multiple situations
Handles HPA/DCO High Security handling of hidden areas of a hard drive for complete secure erasure
Security Hashed Reporting Fully auditable truth of erasure results
Bad Sector detection/handling All other available sectors of hard drives are still erased to reduce potential security risks
NO HASP Key required Easier usage within high security environments
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CESG Certification Details: Please follow this URL

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