TCE 621/B

The TCE 621/B is a high speed IP encryption device approved for all NATO security levels. It is available both with electrical and optical Ethernet interfaces. This high grade, CCI crypto device utilizes a NATO Secret algorithm (Type A) and is fully interoperable with NICE (NATO IP Crypto Equipment). The TCE 621/B can be remotely managed from a TCE 671 (SMC) or locally from the front panel. TCE 621/B is software reprogrammable.


• Secures single end systems and LANs in static and mobile IP networks
• Enforces Community of Interest (COI) separation
• Well suited to secure VTC and VOIP

Main features:

• Approved for NATO CTS
• Full duplex 100 Mbit/s throughput
• Secure Multicasting
• Hot Standby
• Access Control Enforcement
• Transparent to network services
• NAT and SNMP support
• IPSec ESPv1 security protocol


• Interoperates with TCE 621, TCE 621/C, TCE 621/B Dual, TCE 621 /C Dual and TCE 621/M
• 100 Mbit/s Ethernet interface
• Supports both IPv4 and IPv6
• Remotely managed from TCE 671 (SMC)
• Compatible with KOI-18 and DTD compliant devices

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