Prim'X Zed! 6.1

Zed! encrypted containers are used to protect file transports regardless of the method used (email attachment, USB stick, removable device, file transfer, etc.).
Zed! containers are like "diplomatic suitcases" because they contain sensitive information only their recipients are authorized to read.

User-friendly and intuitive

Encrypted container use is very intuitive. The style and the feel of these "pseudofolders" make them very similar to the native compressed (.zip) files of Windows.
In just one click, the user creates a container to which he adds folders, files, and accesses. The .zed is ready to be sent, the files are encrypted. Zed! is capable of transporting an entire tree structure, with no limitation on volume.

File compression

Zed! technology includes a compression algorithm that reduces the total size of the encrypted container.

Different access key formats

Zed! uses keys, either in the form of passwords, agreed upon with a correspondent, or in the form of RSA certificates (certificate files or LDAP directory).

Integrated password wallet

When the sender has no certificate for the recipient, they can create a password for this correspondent and store it in their secure password wallet managed by Zed!.


A recovery plan can be configured by the company. It will be automatically and systematically applied by Zed! to enable the Security Officer to recover files.

Freeware for an encrypted response

To allow users to exchange Zed! encrypted containers with their external contacts, Prim'X has made a free version, called "Zed! Limited Edition", available to everyone. This version is used to read encrypted containers and modify their content to ensure responses are encrypted.

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