LOK-IT Secure Flash Drive

LOK-IT is a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certified, HIPPA Compliant secure flash drive utilizing hardware user authentication via an onboard 10 Key PIN Pad combined with full disk, 256 bit AES hardware encryption. To use LOK-IT users simply enter their PIN using the onboard PIN Pad, the drive unlocks and is immediately ready to use with any device supporting host USB or USB O-T-G.

LOK-IT never requires software for user authentication, data encryption or to support standard drive operations. LOK-IT operates with Windows (all versions), Mac, Linux, Android, Symbian, Chrome and other embedded O/S's. As such LOK-IT is the only encrypted flash drive featuring enterprise-level security that may be used with any device configured with host USB or USB On-the-Go capability.

Operating securely within the traditional PC environment, LOK-IT is also fully operational with scanners, projectors, copiers, DVR’s and other specialized embedded equipment. LOK-IT may also be used with smartphones and tablets supporting USB-On-The-Go and features its own file management Android App.

LOK-IT provides a platform independent, easy to use and efficient means for securely storing, working with and transporting sensitive data.

Additional Notes

Security Policy and Benefits

Core Security Policy


Hardware Authentication - A PIN code entry is required to be input via a PIN Pad on the drive before secure access to the drive is granted. The drive remains invisible to the host until the correct PIN is entered and the drive is unlocked.





Hardware Authenticated LOK-IT drives:

  • Are easy to set up and easy to use. No software, no executable files
  • Are easy and cost effective to maintain as no software updates or fees are ever required
  • Are truly platform independent as they never require any software installation or updates
  • Work on all operating systems (all Windows versions, including Windows 8, LINUX, Mac, Android, Symbian, Chrome) and embedded systems supporting host USB or USB O-T-G.
  • Are impervious to hackers, keyboard loggers and brute force attacks as the PIN is never passed using a keyboard and computer
  • Remain invisible to the host until the correct PIN is entered

Hardware Encryption - All stored data is encrypted using military grade, FIPS certified, 256 Bit AES hardware encryption implemented in CBC mode

LOK-IT drives use of “on-the-fly”, full-disk, FIPS certified, 256-bit AES hardware encryption not only makes data more secure but processing is remarkably fast

Dedicated Security Controller - The encryption key is stored in its own protected security controller

Storing the encryption key in its own unique security controller separate from the flash adds another layer of data protection 

Epoxy Potting - All vital LOK-IT internal components are coated with an epoxy resin defeating forced access to stored data and encryption key

The cryptographic module (consisting of the security controller, encryption controller, flash and other sensitive components) are encapsulated in an epoxy resin to render them useless upon forced entry

Security Policy


Factory Default State – LOK-IT drives are shipped to the client disabled. Initial activation of LOK-IT requires a user PIN being set and a format operation completed. Once activated LOK-IT may be unlocked using the PIN for standard drive operations. No format is required.

Prevents user drive access using non-secure third party created PIN or password

Initial setting of the PIN creates a randomly generated 256 bit encryption key

Forced format insures drive volume is secure

PIN Length – Minimum 7 digit PIN enforced

The probability of a random guess is 10^7 or 1/10,000,000 when enforcing a 7 digit PIN

Incorrect PIN Attempts – Ten (10) sequential  incorrect PIN attempts zeroizes all PIN’s and encryption key putting the drive into the original Factory Default State

The probability of entering the correct 7 digit PIN in 10 consecutive attempts is 1/10,000,000.  After ten (10) consecutive unsuccessful PIN entry attempts to unlock the drive are detected, the following occurs: 

  1. 1.  The current encryption key is zeroized
  2. 2.  All PIN’s are zeroized
  3. Existing data becomes inaccessible
  4. New PIN’s must be set
  5. New encryption key is generated
  6. Drive requires reformatting due to creation of the new encryption key
  7. Existing data is deleted

Each time hacking is detected the current encryption key is zeroized and new PIN’s must be set. Resetting of a new User PIN will require a reformat due to the creation of a new encryption key.

Repeating Number Blocked – Setting a repeating PIN (i.e. 1,1,1,1,1,1,1; 2,2,2,2,2,2,2; etc.) is blocked

LOK-IT manages prevention of Users setting ‘weak strength’ PIN’s

Sequential Numbers Blocked – Setting a sequential PIN (i.e. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7; 9,8,7,6,5,4,3; etc.) is blocked

LOK-IT manages prevention of Users setting ‘weak strength’ PIN’s

PIN Changes – PINS may be reset but the drive must be removed from the USB port

LOK-IT manages prevention of an unauthorized User changing the PIN while it is unlocked and mounted to a host. To change a PIN the drive must be removed from the USB port which invokes the Auto Lock feature. To reset the PIN the drive must first be unlocked by entering the correct current PIN.

Auto Lock Feature - 

After unlocking with the correct PIN, LOK-IT must be inserted into a USB port within 30 seconds or it automatically self-locks

LOK-IT automatically self-locks when removed from the USB port


This ‘Auto Lock’ feature prevents Users from unlocking their drive and then leaving it unattended on a desk, etc.  

This ‘Auto Lock’ feature prevents Users or Unauthorized Users from removing without locking

Clamshell Packaging – All LOK-IT drives are packaged in a tamper resistant clamshell with a Quick Start Guide and Lanyard

The Clamshell package is the first line of detection for providing visual evidence that the drive has not been tampered with when it is first received by the user



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