IPsonar actively scans the network to collect all data related to these factors via Network Discovery, Host Discovery, Leak Discovery and Device Fingerprint Discovery. Network and security managers and executives can accurately visualize what's on the network, drilling down to analyze potential areas of risk and identify appropriate corrective actions. Network Discovery Given the frequency of change in large networks, and the error-prone way in which changes are made, organizations struggle to assure that all network assets are under management. Unmanaged assets increase risk of intrusion and service outages. Host Discovery The network is a collection of IP addresses that IT organizations are responsible for securing. Yet unknown IP addresses exist in every large network, often going undiscovered until they cause an outage, breach or audit issue. IPsonar detects all known and previously unknown network address, helping IT executives align their area of visibility with their area of responsibility. Leak Discovery Leaks are devices with unauthorized inbound or outbound connectivity to the Internet or sub-networks. The more complex a network, the more likely that leaks exists. Defending information and operations from threats requires that IT organizations proactively identify leaks, such as unsecured routers exposed to the Internet or open links to former business partners. IPsonar reveals all unauthorized connections, identifying whether access is outbound, inbound or both. Device Fingerprint Discovery Assessing risk requires more than a census of assets and their interdependencies. To determine whether assets are non-compliant or vulnerable to a specific threat, IT organizations must understand their attributes, such as a server's OS or whether a device or host has a particular service enabled. Fingerprinting capabilities within IPsonar achieve this, detecting services, wireless access points and operating system information - without disrupting asset operations. Fingerprinting is an important complement t o leak discovery, prioritizing vulnerability and patch management efforts to vulnerable devices that have exposure to the Internet. Multi-tier Enterprise Architecture Because it is a network appliance, IPsonar requires no installation or disruption to operations in order to completely scan a network - no matter how far-flung or numerous the resources are.
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IPsonar offers extensive, although complex, functions and tools for network management. Note that due to this complexity, to get the most out of IPsonar a thorough understanding of the product and network technologies is advantageous
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