FortiWeb 1000D

Using an advanced multi-layered and correlated approach, FortiWeb provides complete security for your external and internal web-based applications from the OWASP Top 10 and many other threats. Using IP Reputation services, botnets and other malicious sources are automatically screened out before they can do any damage. DoS detection and prevention keeps your applications safe from being overloaded by Layer 7 DoS attacks. FortiWeb checks that the request hasn't been manipulated using HTTP RFC validation. Requests are checked against FortiWeb's signatures to compare them against known attack types to make sure they're clean. Any files, attachments or code are scrubbed with FortiWeb's built-in antivirus and antimalware services. FortiWeb's auto-learning behavioral detection engine reviews all requests that have passed the tests for known attacks. If the request is outside of user or automatic parameters, the request is blocked. Lastly, FortiWeb provides a correlation engine where multiple events from different security layers are correlated to make a more accurate decision and help protect against the most sophisticated attacks. This combination provides near-100% protection from any web application attack, including zero-day threats that signature file-based systems can't detect.

Additional Notes

Tested during CWIX 2017


Web Application Firewall Performance

-         High-performance with up to 20 Gbps of throughput

-         Included vulnerability scanner

-         Included Layer 7 server load balancing

-         Behavioral attack detection

-         FortiGuard IP Reputation, Attack Signatures, and Antivirus

-         Correlated, multi-layer threat scanning

-         User Scoring and Session Tracking

-         Simplified deployment with FortiGate Integration

-         Polling of FortiGate Quarantined IP addresses

-         Integration with FortiSandbox for APT detection

-         Transparent user validation for botnet protection

-         Out-of-the-box protection against automated attacks

-         Network and application layer DoS protection

-         Authentication, site publishing and SSO


Interfaces: 6 (4 bypass), 2x SFP GE (non-bypass)

USB Interfaces: 2

SSL/TLS Processing: Hardware (Security Processing Unit)

Storage 2x2 TB

Power Supply: Dual, hot swappable

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