Fort Fox data diode FFHDD2+

This product has been NATO evaluated against the Target Of Evaluation (TOR) as identified in the CC Security Evaluation. The NATO evaluation does not endorse parts of the solution outside of the TOR. Note: In accordance with the Common Criteria TOR this device is badged by Fox, SINA and Nexor. These three companies are authorised to market the Fox Data Diode under their company name.

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Fox Crypto’s Fort Fox Hardware Data Diode (FFHDD2+) is a 100%-guaranteed one-way hardware network connection between two networks. The hardware has two fiber optic SC connectors used for the inbound and outbound connection. Power is supplied to the system by a 110-240 volt wide range power supply with an IEC 320 C-14 connector. The FFHDD is very low-power, using less than 25 Watt. The chassis will fit into 1U of a standard 19 inch rack. As the physical connection between the red and black network is one-way (hardware), software malfunction (possible bug or tampering) will never compromise the security of the red network. In addition, the data transmitted from the black to the red network is optionally encrypted in order to prevent data injection, data tampering and data eavesdropping. All transfers are logged.

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