CryptoGuard VPN 500/5500/5800/5900

The CryptoGuard VPN and the Security Management Station The CryptoGuard VPN NATO restricted is a flexible, independent, invisible and transparent gateway for the encryption and securing of virtual private networks.

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The payload encryption offers a fast and secure (AES 256) transport of IP voice, video and data in small and large networks. All sensitive information can be encrypted on layer 2, layer 3 and layer 4 just depending on the configuration. The system encrypts the data independent of the network type like Internet, Intranet, MPLS, wireless networks, Satellite. The advantage is that no change of the network configuration is needed. The CryptoGuard VPN can at the same time be used as a packet filter firewall. Customization and changing S-boxes, even as special developments, can be done in co-operation with the customer. Three different hardware models are available, desk top CryptoGuard VPN 500, CryptoGuard VPN 5500 100 Mbps full duplex version and a gigabit version, the CryptoGuard VPN 5800 and 5900. Other hardware modules can be designed on request. All CryptoGuard VPN systems can be managed by the centralized Security Management Station (SMS). The SMS is an intelligent, central and secure management. A strong hardware random generator is installed in the SMS for generating the keys. The highlights of the SMS are generation of secure connections using profile mechanisms, visualizing of connections, automatic rule generation with fault tolerance checking. It offers monitoring and alarm mechanisms, SNMP interface, batch job scheduling and redundancy mechanism. The communication between the SMS and the CryptoGuard VPN is encrypted. The SMS can easily be integrated in an existing network and enables virtual network computing all over the world. The SMS is “the heart and the brain” of the network security system. All CryptoGuard VPN systems can easily be connected and managed from central point. This offers the advantage that no knowledge is needed remotely.

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