Check Point Software Blades R7x

Check Point Software Blades R7x is a network perimeter security gateway that provides controlled connectivity between two or more network environments.

Gateways may be installed as a standalone appliance, or as clusters of two or more appliances in a high-availability or load sharing configuration. Cluster members synchronize state tables, ensuring fault-tolerance with sub-second failover.The product provides a broad set of information flow controls, including traffic filtering, application-level proxies, network address translation (NAT), and intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS) capabilities. IKE/IPSec and SSL virtual private networking (VPN) functionality encrypts and authenticates network traffic to and from selected peers, in order to protect the traffic from disclosure or modification over untrusted networks.

COMMON CRITERIA EAL4+. Three U.S. Government Protection Profiles: Application Level Firewall (Basic Robustness Environments Version 1.1), Traffic Filter Firewall (Basic Robustness Environments Version 1.1) and Intrusion Detection System (Basic Rrobustness Environments, Version 1.7), for proxy and traffic filtering firewalls and for IDS/IPS. Validation Report Number: CCEVS-VR-VID10387-2012

Note: The encryption services provided are not endorsed for NATO confidentiality services. 

Additional Notes

The hardware for the R7x Software evaluated as a part of the ST:

Check Point - IAS Server L2, L6, L8, M2, M6, M8, D1, D2, D6, D8, R1, R2, R6, R8, U1
Dell - PowerEdge 620, 720
Fujitsu Primergy RX100 S6, S7, Primergy RX200 S6, S7, Primergy RX300 S6, S7 
HP - ProLiant DL120 G7, ProLiant DL320e G8, ProLiant DL360 G7, G8, ProLiant DL380 G7, G8
IBM System X x3550 M3, M4, System X x3650 M3, M4

Check Point Security Appliances:

Power-1 507*
Power-1 907*
Power-1 1106*, 1107*, 1108*
UTM-1 27*, 57*
UTM-1 107*, 207*, 307*
Check Point 22** Appliances
Check Point 42**, 46**, 48** Appliances
Check Point 122**, 124**, 126** Appliances
Check Point 214**, 216** Appliances

Check Point Security Management Appliances:

Smart-1 5
Smart-1 25
Smart-1 50
Smart-1 150

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